I'm a portrait and wedding photographer for heart-centered women and adventure-loving couples. Traveling, experiencing new cultures and documenting love and life stories around the globe keep me inspired. Growing up on the Great Lakes, I'm undoubtedly a big fan of being outdoors and seeking adventures. My favorite kind of days are spent in the sunshine, exploring the nearby coast, and playing foodies with my Beau and my lab, Chloe. But I'm not hiding the fact that you can often find me working from the couch, wearing sweats and eating a cheeseboard at any given hour on a rainy day.


I discovered my passion for serving people through photography after a foreign mission trip I took over 10 years ago. I came back realizing a photograph has the power to convey deep emotion and tell a distinct story - even years later. As my business grew into photographing brand, life and love stories for clients, I held to my purpose of photographing as organically and intentionally as possible. The priceless prints a child will hold in their hands one day will be a true representation of who their grandparents really were, the love they shared and the legacy they built.


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my dog, wine, beaches, chocolate, hiking, cheese, yoga, hammocks, earrings, cheesy puns, star gazing, road trips, massages, sunshine, plants, & candles
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