Winter Travel Dates

I’m singing the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” over and over in my head as I write this because I’m so excited it’s actually accurate for me this year! It’s been a couple years since I’ve got to spend the holidays with my family (and even longer since all of my siblings have been together for Christmas) so we’ll be traveling to Upper Michigan December 15th-26th.

I only have 3/5 available dates still open for photo shoots while I’m in the Houghton, MI area so if you’re ready for new portraits, head over to the contact page right now to get the conversation started! Whether you want to update your business/branding photos, lifestyle family photos, need engagement/anniversary photos, or just want personal portraits - I’d love to plan a fun winter photoshoot with you! Heaven knows we’ve got enough snow in the U.P. to build some snowmen outside and then come in for hot cocoa and snuggles. If this sounds like fun, let’s talk!

These dates won’t last long and I’d love to get you in before Christmas Eve so we can both spend the holidays celebrating with our families! Click HERE to send me a message!

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Andrea | Beachy Maternity Portraits on Film

I love my dear friend Andrea and she loves film... which meant, I loved being able to photograph some maternity photos for her on 35mm film. I visited her this summer in Wisconsin and we went along Lake Michigan for a little photo fun along the beach. While the film colors turned out insanely beautiful (I barely re-touched anything on them), my favorite part of these photos is the emotion. You can’t help but feel the amount of deep-rooted love and joy in Andrea as she laughs, dances and is so genuinely happy to be carrying her sweet baby! I can’t wait for this child to someday cherish these portraits of their mama (because that right there is exactly why I do what I do).

Loving the film? Click here to see the rest of the photos from Andrea’s family portraits later that night that day!

NM Family | Door County WI

Almost every summer I travel back to MI and WI for wedding and portrait sessions. While in the Door County area with my dear friend (and talented photographer) Andrea, I got to capture a few bits of a summer day with her family.

She brought me to a local beach where the Lake MI waters stole my heart immediately. We didn't plan much and let the day flow as it flowed, capturing mommy & me photos until dad got off of work. Hurley was a little unsure of the beach at first, but as soon as his mama started playing the ukulele, his little beach bum wanted in on everything!

Try and not fall in love with Andrea's beautiful smile and Hurley's most adorable chunky cheeks! Or don't resist it. 
I couldn't.

I also shot some of their portraits on a roll of 35mm film and the colors are insanely gorgeous. You'll see..

By the way, Andrea surprised me with a pregnancy announcement and her new bump is most adorable. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!

Brian got to join his favorite two humans after work for a few photos at sunset. Lil Hurley was a little tired, but was a total trooper after a busy beach day.

As the sun began to set, we raced down to the water for a few final photos in front of one of the most stunning sunsets I've ever seen in Sister Bay.

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Baby NM | Door County Maternity Session

Fall may be here, but if it's warm enough for a bikini - we will take it and we love it! The weather worked with us flawlessly for a maternity session on Riley's Bay in Door County, WI. We went down to the little stretch of beach by their home, paddle-board in tow to capture a peek into their current life story. With a spirit of sheer joy, Brian and Andrea were over the moon about the news of a baby on the way! You can just feel the love pouring out of them in the photos... See for yourself!

Can't wait to meet you Baby NM! xo

Nate & Mackenzie | Marquette Maternity Session

In case you guys remember Nate and Mackenzie's stunning beach wedding, you'll be as excited as I was to see them about to add their first babe to the family. I couldn't be more stoked to photograph them right before Mackenzie's due date and watch them come together already as new parents. Their little boy is going to be so lucky! Check out their maternity session below!

(and tell me I'm not the only one who sees Jessica Biel in Mackenzie... gorgeous!)