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For couples wanting intimate and laid-back wedding celebrations, who want to walk barefoot in the sand, who don't mind a little dirt on your dress and will roll up your pant legs, who value the power of a photograph and who wholeheartedly believe in marriage - I want to meet you! I love working with clients who can trust my vision and allow themselves to just be present with their partner, soaking up every moment together. Get a little cozy, a little cheesy, laugh, dance, grab his butt - I won’t tell! I’m going to do everything I can do help you feel comfortable to be yourselves and have fun doing it!

I have an organic approach and stylistically choose natural light and elements whenever possible to keep the focus where it should be; on real emotions from real humans. Yep, happy tears, shy smiles, loud cheers - I’m capturing all of that for you! Are you ready for the fun to begin? Let’s chat! Collections for my lovebirds start around $3,200.