Married Up Portrait Sessions

Married UP (1).jpg

Hey friends! 
How's life post-wedding? Any big changes since you exchanged vows? Maybe one of you has started a new job, you guys moved into your first home, or even a first baby or two are on the way!

This time in your life is no less important than when you were preparing for your wedding day. In fact, I believe marriage is even more special than the wedding! These moments where you're growing in love each day, learning more about the other, taking on your roles as husband or wife. I want to remind you not to let this time go undocumented so when your future children or grandchildren one day look for photos of you, they'll find beautifully captured moments in print instead of just selfies on cell phones that may no longer work.

For this reason, I'm offering Married Up Photo sessions for you and your partner (and any new babies or pets that may have joined your family). We'll spend time focusing on your life story, in your home or on location in your favorite places together. We'll laugh, dance, drink coffee and just have fun with it. Afterwards, you'll receive a beautiful box with fine art prints inside. Memories that can be held in the hands, framed on the walls and shared for generations.

This is the legacy you are building for your family. How will it look?

Contact me here for pricing and details.