Tyler + Sydney | Winter Engagement Session in Upper MI

“We met in kindergarten and ‘dated’ until Tyler moved away for about ten years.” Sydney says. “Years later, I saw a guy with the same name on Facebook and wondered if it was the same Tyler I used to know in kindergarten. It turned out it was and ironically enough, he was now living in the same little town of Tapiola that I was and was only a few miles away from me. We decided to meet up on our bikes and have been inseparable from that day ever since.”

Ohmygoodness, if that’s not the cutest love story, I don’t know what is! I mean, come on - they even liked each other at 5 years old! Destiny, baby. Keep on scrollin’ to see Sydney and Tyler’s winter engagement session (where they froze their butts off like champs) and leave some love for them in the comments below!

I have a pretty solid belief that if our furry friends are our family, they should make it in at least a couple photos too. Lucky for me - my clients tend to agree. Tyler and Sydney brought their sweet pup along (who hundred percent got lots of pets from me).

I feel like you’re missing out if Lake Superior doesn’t make the cut for a photo session in the Upper Penninsula of MI. We grew up on it, in it and around it so naturally we headed to the beach for a few more photos to wrap up their photo session. Thank goodness for body heat that kept the two of them semi-warm.