What NOT To Do Before Your Next Photoshoot

You’ve got a photoshoot coming up soon and you’re not totally sure if you should be doing something to prepare for it or not. While your photographer should let you know of any prep that needs to be done, I can give you a handful of tips that you should NOT do before your photoshoot that will apply to any type of session.

Read on for these 5 tips to ensure you’ll be camera ready when your session starts.

Do not:

  1. Party it up. Drinking alcohol heavily the night or morning of your photoshoot will make your face bloated, your eyes puffy and skin dry. Not to mention you probably won’t be feeling your best. Save the cocktails for a post-shoot celebration!

  2. Stay up too late. Those dark bags under your eyes are going to be in full effect if you’re not getting a decent amount of sleep. Head to bed early the night before a photo shoot and start with a cold compress on your eyes in the morning to reduce dark circles.

  3. Try a new skincare product. You never know how your skin will react to something new so putting on a product (including SPF) that you aren’t familiar with right before a photoshoot isn’t recommended. If you want to correct some skin issues before a shoot, make sure you’re giving yourself a good couple of weeks to use the product on your skin and ensure you won’t break out from it.

  4. Go tanning or lay in the sun until you burn. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get color on your skin if that’s the look you want; I’m just saying use caution so that you don’t burn your skin. Red, inflamed, peeling skin isn’t going to look or feel too great.

  5. Ignore your nails. Your hands are going to show up in some photos at least once or twice. Make sure they look how you want them to and aren’t half painted or chewed up. A little moisturizing lotion wouldn’t hurt either if you’re like me and tend to have dry hands.

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You’re going to rock it in front of the camera. Now go have fun!