Happy Mother's Day

To the moms who love unconditionally. Who spent years of their life cleaning up after us. Who worked relentlessly to see us happy. To the moms who encouraged us to be the best versions of our self. Who taught us through action the meaning of love, forgiveness and compassion. To the moms who see the light in us, even when we can’t see it ourselves. Who took care of us through the nights of sickness and chicken pox and unglamorous moments. To the moms who were human with us and let us learn a few lessons the hard way, but knew just when to protect us if needed. Who prayed over us for the best life possible. Who made sure we were clothed, fed and taken care of. Who always made us feel loved and did the best they could with what they knew. To the moms who wear so many hats in one day just to make our world go round.

We love and appreciate everything you do and have done. Even if we don’t know it until we’re older, know that your love is always felt and needed.

Thank you, mom(s)!

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janelle stormComment